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Pathways to a Career

We work with companies, governments, academic institutions, local communities, and international organizations across the continent to match students to internship programs for hands-on career development. We guide students to internship opportunities, coordinate and monitor the programs for maximum outcome and provide incentives where necessary.

Upon graduation, we continue to support our students to pursue purposeful employment or entrepreneurship by equipping them for the job market or guiding them through the start-up process.

Online Classes From

  1. 1. CS229: Machine Learning Course, Lecture 1, by Stanford University

  2. 2.  Machine Learning Career Advice, Video, by Stanford University

  3. 3.  The Complete Android and Java Development, by Udemy

  4. 4.  Android App Development Course, by Udemy

  5. 5.  Start Developing for Android, by PluralSight

  6. 6.  How to Make iPhone Apps, by Udemy

  7. 7.    Build Great IOS Apps,by Udemy

  8. 8.   Become an Android Developer from Scratch,by Udemy

Online Classes From

  1. 1.   Free Textbooks

  2. 2.   Open Education for Africa

Online Classes From

  1. 1.   Top LinkedIn Course on Self-development

Online Classes From

  1. 1.   Microsoft Learn Student Hub