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Africa Tech Exposure week

Crafting a Tech Career:

Strategies for Empowering Change

Strategies for Empowering Change

join africa professionals in the diaspora and hundreds of university college students in africa in the largest hybrid career exposure summit for undergraduate stidents in africa

january 8-12, 2024

Google Al Lab, Accra, Ghana

VarsityMentor is a digital network of African professionals in the diaspora and their allies committed to tackling the problem of graduate unemployment in Africa.

Why We Exist

Every year, 3 million students graduate from Africa’s over 1682 universities with no hope of jobs

What We Do

We connect college students in Africa with carefully vetted African professionals and allies for mentoring, skills development and career pathway guidance.


We carefully match college students in Africa with verified well-educated African professionals and their allies for long-term mentoring that lasts the entire duration of a student’s college journey and often beyond. Through strategic mentoring, we guide our students to learn from the experiences of those before them as a way to empower their future.


We run monthly and quarterly workshops and hands-on training programs to equip our students with a self-help mindset and demand-driven skills that lead to world-class success. Our training focuses on both technical and soft skills necessary to thrive in the 21st century workplace.

Pathways to a Career

We partner with industry-leading companies within and outside Africa to develop and match students to internship programs and work opportunities. Through our Pathway to a Career program, we offer insights and support to empower the students to develop methods and habits that lead to professional and leadership growth.

Community Innovation

We sponsor our students to work on collaborative projects for social impact and innovation. Through our Community Innovation program, we support them to design and implement solutions to problems in their local communities, which is geared to equip them to become change makers, expand  economic opportunities, and contribute toward a more resilient future for Africa and the world.

Colleges Where Our Students Study

Companies & Institutions Where Our Mentors Work

How You Can Help

Are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference by sharing your career experiences to inspire and help another person succeed in life? Your experience and advice could be the only career guide a student in Africa might have.

The Problem

Every year, over 10 million students graduate from Africa’s 1225 universities with no hope of jobs 

Africa’s higher education does very little to equip students with the skills they need to thrive in the 21st century global workplace. Students come out of school with a poor job fit, lack critical employability skills and have no hope of what to do next. We want to change this

Our Solution

Equip the students with a self-help mindset and demand-driven skills that lead to world-class success 

Our solution provides students with a clear vision of how to leverage their talents to build their best possible futures. We leverage a verified pool of African professionals and allies to provide mentoring, skills training, and access to career opportunities. Get involved

Our Approach

Purpose. Hardwork. Integrity

We go beyond mentorship, training and career to excite our students to become agents of change for Africa by grounding all their efforts to build their best possible futures on the three principles of purpose, hardwork and integrity.  Learn More

Our Impact

Transforming Africa one student at a time through mentoring, upskilling and career pathway guidance 

In 10 years, we aim to reduce graduate unemployability & unemployment in Africa by a double digit factor by helping African students graduate with a clear vision and practical skills to build a meaningful career, achieve world-class success and contribute to societty.


Through our mentoring programs where we match an African undergraduate student to a verified African professional or ally, we aim to create a new Africa, one student at a time.

Our Students

Our students come from modest backgrounds and in spite of shortcomings inherent in their educational systems, we support them to go on to achieve world-class success. 

Training Workshops

Through our training programs, VarsityMentor alumni go on to become leaders in every field imaginable, from business and law, to education and the arts, to science and medicine.


Initiatives, Events and Suggested Readings

Community Innovation

Under Community Innovation program, we sponsor our students to select social innovation projects that seek to make life better for their communities and for the world. Students work in teams on the projects throughout their university journeys. Do you want to suggest projects? Get in touch for more information.


Featured Reading

As an African, the most basic aspect of your education must be “Africa 101." You must ensure that it empowers you to understand how a world system that has fed you, the African eagle, with chicken feed works, and then change it for a better world for all. Without Africa 101, no Harvard, Oxford or MIT-level education can save you from the “shackles of the mind holding us back as a people.”

Career Exposure Summit

Register for our 2024 Career Exposure Summit coming up in January in Accra. The event will bring together students, university partners, the business sector, and other stakeholders to discuss the future of work for university students in Africa and expose them to opportunities in the tech industry. Do you want to find out what a rewarding career looks like or start one?  Get in touch for more information.

Do you know that by 2040, Africa will be home to the world's largest workforce? Join with us to equip students in Africa for the future.