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Our Programs

We empower youth in Africa to build their best possible futures through a number of programs.


We work with the students through our Mentoring program to inculcate in them a self-help mentality and a mindset for pursuing the task of building their best possible futures with dignity. A fundamental part of this program is to teach students to learn the successes and failures of other people.

Skills Training

Through our Skills Training program, we create targeted youth training programs that empower the students intellectually and connect them to employment,
entrepreneurship or the wider world of work. We analyze local job markets and work with employers to understand where there is demand for entry-level employees, and what skills they need.

Pathways to a Career

Through our Pathways to a Career program, we partner with thousands of companies, community organizations, education institutions, foundations, and governments to get our students work-ready through internship opportunities and provide job placements and other follow-on support to our graduates.

Community and Innovation Program

Through our Community and Innovation program, we teach our students about the value of ideas, the power of the discipline to nurture ideas into innovation and wealth, and the generosity to use them for the purpose of making the world a better place.
Our Community and Innovation program consists of two parts: Innovation for Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Community Development. Through the Innovation for Entrepreneurship program, we prepare our students to become self-employed, to launch microenterprises or become startup founders. We do this by imparting the skills the students need to see problems in the world as opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship, and to structure and start a small business. Through our ICommunity and Innovation program, we prepare our students to become community leaders who lead with purpose and integrity. We do this by imparting the skills the students need to participate actively and positively in governments, and to leader community development. Under the Community and Innovation program, we work with our partners and alumni to secure financing, mentoring and other follow-up support for our students and graduates.